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Sherman L. Ragland, II is an American author, Entreprenuer and leading Real Estate Teacher. Sherman is the founder and CEO of Realinvestors®,
which manages for-profit adult education centers specializing in teaching individuals how to successfully invest in real estate. Several classes lead to careers, certification and qualify for continuing education (CE) credit for real estate professionals. In 2012, Inc. Magazine contained an article about Sherman and his real estate school, The Realinvestors’ Academy, in which Sherman was cited as “America’s Real Estate Mentor.”



Sherman Ragland with
Donald Trump and wife Melania

Sherman Ragland with
George H. Ross, Esq

Sherman Ragland with
Frank McKinney

Sherman Ragland with
First Lady Michelle Obama

Sherman Ragland with
President Barack Obama

Sherman Ragland with
President Bill Clinton

Sherman Ragland with
Super Bowl XXII MVP
Doug Williams

Sherman Ragland with
Super Bowl XVII MVP
Joe Theismann

Sherman Ragland with
Col. Greg Gadson